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Physicians, HCPs, and Nurses Emails with 96% accuracy

With HealthDBi, Gain access to over 3.5 million contacts, including physicians’ email addresses, NPIs, phone numbers, State License, Hospital Affiliation and more. CPT, ICD 10 codes and claims information coming soon!

With HealthDBi, you can

Healthcare Database Provider


By NPI, Specialty, Facility Type, Geography

Healthcare Database Provider


Verify: Verify emails in Real-Time and get 95% accuracy.

Healthcare Database Provider

Build Lists

Build Customised niche lists to enable campaigns in minutes

Physician Mailing Lists

Create physician email lists and physician mailing lists, verify them and launch campaigns in under 10 minutes! 

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Healthcare Database Provider
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What Our Client Says

This is by far the tool I was looking for to get providers contact info. Makes my job easier now.


Healthcare Recruiter,USA

Finding healthcare decision makers emails has been a tough task. HealthDBi makes it easy.


VP Sales - Medical Prodcuts, USA

We saw good response rates from the emails and phones that we got from Healthdbi.


Research specialist, USA

Our team has been happy with the simple platform and easy to use features.


healthcare staffing, London, UK

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